Description API allows you to automatically create ready-to-print shipping labels for USPS based on order items. The plugin accesses the latest USPS rates when creating your labels.

This plugin does not display shipping rates to your customers during the checkout process. For displaying USPS rates, you need to USPS Shipping Methods plugin. Using these together, your customers see the best rates during checkout and you take advantage of those same rates when creating shipping labels via the backend order admin.

WooCommerce customers get USPS shipping discounts with no minimum volume requirements to help reduce shipping costs. Average Priority Mail rates are 3% less than standard Commercial Base Pricing and 17.3% less for Priority Mail Express

In addition, the plugin has teamed up with IntuiShip, a volume postage partner of the USPS, to offer deep shipping discounts to help reduce costs. Savings are delivered directly through your account.

Plugin Features

  • Access to all USPS shipping services
  • Discounted USPS rates
  • USPS Priority Mail® and Priority Mail Express™ shipments.
  • Discounted Insurance – Save 10% compared to USPS rates