WooCommerce WhatsApp Order


This plugin allows you to receive Orders on WhatsApp. By installing this plugin, your customers get an extra payment option “WhatsApp”. This option redirects to a page where the user can commit the order through WhatsApp, which includes payment links.


Featured Image From URL


This plugin allows you to set post-type featured images from external URL. It is also possible to create sliders and use featured audio or -video from an external URL. Sources for external URL’s include platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, Amazon, Google Drive, SpotifyThe plugin works with all post types, including custom post-types and WooCommerce products.



Use this Variation Swatches plugin to convert normal, variable attribute dropdowns to a color- or image select. Display modes are rounded or squared and swatches can be configured to display in sizes from small to large. It is possible to define global colors or image values for to prevent repetitive work. Unavailable options can be grayed out and out-of-stock option can be crossed out. The plugin is compatible with Elementor, Elementor Pro, Crocoblock and Jetwoobuilder.


Variation Swatches


This plugin but turns the product attribute select dropdown into image swatches, and can turn the product variation dropdown into color, button, radio or image swatches. The plugin comes with a range of options, like custom text for tooltips, dual-color options and disabled variations.

Duplicate Variations


This plugin allows you to create copies of product variations, including properties such as price, image and sku. The plugin can do bulk duplication of product variations. In addition, you can copy a selected variation image the variation of you choice or add a variation image from another variation or featured product image.


Text Preview


This plugin is an extension for Product Add-Ons Ultimate, which enables live text previewing on your WooCommerce product image.

This plugins adds a text input field to your WooCommerce product pages. Customers can use this field to enter the text they’d like (printed) on your product. The entered text will be displayed on the main product image, and can be positioned anywhere in the image. It is possible to charge your customers per character and limit the number of characters allowed. Also, it is possible to use either Google Fonts or upload your own fonts. These fonts can be used by allowing the customer to select their own font or you can set a predefined value.

Image Preview


This is an extension of Product Add-Ons Ultimate, which is required to run this plugin.

Have customers preview their images on top of your WooCommerce product image. Customers can upload an image to the product page and preview that image as part of the main product image.

The plugin works with layers, making it possible to position the uploaded image either in front of, or behind the main product image. The uploaded image is responsive and can be positioned anywhere on the product image.


Advanced Uploads


This is an extension of Product Add-Ons Ultimate, which is required to run this plugin.

With this plugin, users crop, resize and rotate images after uploading them. This is useful for, for instance, online print services.

The plugin allows you to set a predefined aspect ratio for cropping (width and height have a fixed relationship). It is also possible to set minimum and maximum values for uploaded images.

Better Variations


Improves the WooCommerce variations functionality. This plugin adds the option to disable (grey out) out of stock variations with an optional, custom text like ‘Sold out’. Similarly, you can add a ‘Back in stock’ text once the variation is available again. Sorting and color changes are available to distinguish in stock variations from out of stock variations.

This plugin can also display variations in a grid (for instance size and color).

Request a Quote


This plugin allows you to have your customers request quotes. Products that can or should be quoted for can be defined by individual product, product categories or -tags, or every product in your webshop.

For quotation products, the default ‘Add to Cart’ button will be replaced by an ‘Add to Quote’ button. It is possible to display prices on quotable products.

The plugin lets you to narrow down the type of customers allowed to request quotes, based on roles or login status.

With the ‘Add to Quote’ button, customers create a Quote List. When the quote list is submitted, you’ll receive an email with the list of products. The plugin also generates a ‘Quote request’ in your WordPress dashboard, for which you can then edit prices. Once completed, you can send the user a reply (email) with the products and their quoted prices.

The customer will receive the quote, which contains a ‘Checkout now’ button, for when the customer wants to accept your quotation. The button will redirect the customer to the cart, where they can finalize their purchase. One making the purchase, the quote will be converted to a standard WooCommerce order.