Deposits and Partial Payments


The Deposits and Part Payments plugin allows you to accept deposits for your products. Decide which products to accept deposits for, by defining a percentage of the the product price or a fixed amount.

Customers can choose which payment method to use (deposit or full payment) when they add a product to their cart. When required, it is possible to disable the option full payment entirely and require a deposit. It is also possible to add discounts for customers that choose to pay in full.

When a partial payment is chosen, the plugin splits the order and the customer is required to pay the amount for the deposit only. After payment, the plugin generates a scheduled order for the remaining amount. Customers can see an overview of their payments and scheduled payments on their account page.




This plugin lets you set up pre-orders in your store, so customers can order products before they’re available. You can automatically or manually release and fill orders when you want to.

Pre-orders enables you to customize the ordering experience and allows to charge upfront or upon release. With a supported payment gateway, you can charge upon release without the customer returning to pay for their order.

Plugin Features

  • Set an optional date/time when the product will be available
  • Automatically charge orders when the product is available
  • Change the release date for a pre-ordered product
  • Email all customers who pre-ordered a product
  • Cancel pre-orders if the product is no longer available
  • Filter with a custom “pre-order” order status
  • Works with simple & variable products
  • Optionally charge a fee
  • Customize Add to Cart/Place Order buttons