This plugin enables you to track when carts are abandoned, capture customer email addresses and then send recovery emails to encourage the customers who abandoned these carts to complete their purchase.

An unlimited number of campaigns (a collection of emails) can be set up to send recovery emails. In addition to a standard campaign, you can also create unique campaigns for special events like holidays or sales.

Your emails can be fully customized using the plugin’s drag-and-drop editor and advanced liquid merge tags. You can also automatically generate dynamic coupon codes for each customer.

Jilt has powerful segmentation rules which allow you to customize how customers receive their emails. For example, you can send recovery emails with a discount only to higher value carts (such as those over $100), or you can send emails in different languages based on the billing country.

With post-purchase email campaigns, you can start marketing other products, offer discounts to incentivize repeat purchases or build relationships by thanking your customers for orders. Further, you can gather feedback, suggest new products, or drive additional sales by providing discounts on future purchases.

Please note that details on all abandoned carts are saved in Jilt’s backend, rather than your site’s database. This ensures that you can track data over time without sacrificing your site’s efficiency. The plugin allows you to track total lost revenue, revenue recovered, and recovery percentage. You can also view which campaign emails have been opened by customers and which are being ignored.

Jilt is built by SkyVerge.

Plugin Features

  • Track cart abandonment
  • Unlimited number of campaigns
  • Fully customizable and personalizable emails
  • Powerful segmentation rules
  • Post-purchase follow-up
  • Track total lost revenue, recovered revenue, and recovery percentage.


Recover Abandoned Cart


The Recover Abandoned Cart plugin automatically sends an email reminder to users about their incomplete purchases. You can add discount coupons to the abandoned cart emails to encourage your potential customers to complete their purchase.

The plugin includes a performance report to review and evaluate product conversions of retargeting users with abandoned carts.



This plugin sends reminder emails to your customers with the intention to have your customers order products they have purchased at your shop before. The plugin allows you to set a number of reminder days since the product purchase. When fully configured, the following reminder flow is traversed:

  • When a customer purchases a product enabled for reminders, the customer will be added as reminder list
  • Once the reminder day is reached (the set number of days since purchase has passed), an email will be sent to your customer
  • The customer purchases the product again in your shop from the link in the email.
  • If the customer doesn’t purchase the product through the email link, a follow-up email is sent.



Product Promotion / Reminder


Send emails when products are added or updated. This plugin includes options to send mail to either users or customers. You can configure your emails with the email templates settings. In addition, you can import email addresses through CSV files.


Reminder Emails


Send sms and email reminder notifications to customers. You’ll be able to configure four types of notifications:

  • order confirmation notification
  • payment reminder notification
  • delivery date notification
  • review/feedback notification