Pronamic Pay


Pronamic Pay allows you to accept payments on your WooCommerce site with support for payment methods like iDEAL (Netherlands), Bancontact (Belgium), Sofort (Europe) and credit card, among others. Add the configuration details of one of the 15 supported payment service providers and enable the payment method within your WooCommerce webshop.

Bitcoin Payment


Accept bitcoin on your WooCommerce store, instantly over the Lightning Network or on-chain, at low cost. Speed provides this white-label crypto payment plugin for your store. This payment solution is compatible with more than 100 lightning and on-chain wallets.


Sendy Widget


Allow your users to sign up for your Sendy mailing lists with this WordPress widget. The plugin includes validation of the email address before the user submits the subscription form.

Integration with WooCommerce, support for multiple lists, captcha support and a number of additional features are included in the paid version of this plugin.


Gravity Forms Product Add-ons


Notice: check Gravity Extend if you’re looking for more Gravity Forms plugins.

With the Gravity Forms Product Add-ons plugin, you can create several product add-ons using the powerful form building capabilities of Gravity Forms.

This plugin can be used to build advanced product configuration forms that are linked to any product in WooCommerce. You can also create forms that contain conditional logic, pricing fields, and user input prices. In addition, Gravity Form containing products are tracked in the cart to make sure that only unique products are added to the cart and duplicates are incremented in quantity.

The plugin allows you to use the default WooCommerce price displays, or to give a price of something like “As Law as $100” for configurable products containing pricing fields. You can also control when the built-in price calculation is displayed and configure each label separately.

The following are the supported Gravity Form fields:

– Single Line Text
– Drop Down
– Number
– Radio Buttons
– Paragraph Text
– Multi Select
– Checkboxes
– Hidden
– Section Break
– Name
– Time
– Address
– Email
– Date
– Phone
– Website
– File Upload
– List
– Pricing Fields
– Product
– Option – Drop Down
– Option – Check-boxes
– Option – Radio buttons
– Total
– Quantity
– Shipping

This extension requires you to own the Gravity Forms plugin. Please see the documentation for more information.

Plugin Features

  • Conditional submit button logic
  • Multi-paged forms
  • Required fields



The Zapier plugin allows you to automatically send orders made in your online store, customer and subscription data to cloud services that you already use (such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Zendesk, MailChimp).

By setting up automation for Zapier, the changes will be updated automatically in your platforms when a customer makes a purchase or there is a change in the order status. By filtering notifications, you can only alert the relevant people about the changes. You can get daily, weekly or monthly reports on how your online store sales are doing.

This plugin supports all currencies, shipping methods and payment gateways. It also supports Subscriptions and Pre-Orders.

Amazon and eBay Integration


The Amazon and eBay Integration plugin is an integration for Codisto, which allows you to list all the products from your online store on Amazon and eBay. This plugin allows you to create new Amazon and eBay listings or link existing listings to the matching products in your online store. You can set separate product details and pricing for the listings based on your online store. The integration allows you to receive marketplace orders in your online store. In addition, you can sync inventory, orders, pricing and product details simultaneously.

Amazon Fulfilment


The Amazon Fulfilment plugin allows you to automatically ship your products to your customers with FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon). With this plugin, you can decide whether to activate the product fulfillment mode either for the whole store or per product.

This plugin is compatible with all Amazon regions worldwide and you can offer your customers the various Amazon shipping speed categories (standard, expedited, and priority). Various emails can be sent to your customers: on shipment creation, order shipment, failure of shipment, and tracking during shipment. Customers can track their shipment from their View Order page and you’ll be able to track the shipping of orders from the Order page. In addition, you can sync your inventory of your online store with the inventory you have in Amazon to prevent overselling. It is possible to have orders with and without FBA items, meaning that shipments can be partially fulfilled through Amazon. To manage special cases, you can manually give orders to FBA.





The Xero plugin allows you to integrate your online store with your Xero account, which handles invoices and business accounting functions. The functions include bank reconciliation, financial reporting to inventory tracking and payroll.

With this plugin, all of the transactions made in your online store (product, shipping, discount, and tax data) will be automatically updated in your Xero account. Thus, it allows you to create invoices automatically via Xero.

Amazon S3 Storage


Amazon S3 Storage is a fully-automated plugin which allows you to provide digital, downloadable products through your Amazon AWS S3 service. You can specify the bucket and object name of your file using shortcodes in the download file paths. See more details about working with Amazon S3 buckets. When a customer downloads their purchase, the plugin will translate this into an Amazon S3 URL and provide that file as the download.

This plugin offers better scalability, especially when serving big files, and greater download speeds for your customers. It also supports multiple buckets within one product so you can easily provide download access to files stored on different Amazon buckets when purchasing one product.



This plugin allows you to connect your store to your Freshdesk help desk account. This helps your customers to request assistance with orders and to receive answers.

Freshdesk contains a ticketing system, discussion forum, and solutions center (knowledge base). The plugin integrates each of these sections of Freshdesk ensuring the creation of forum and solution center categories, as well as helping your customers to create tickets without having to leave your store.

Plugin Features

  • Quickly create a new ticket related to an order
  • View a list of active tickets, directly on your “My Account” screen
  • Create a new ticket when viewing an order
  • Create a new ticket from a blog post comment, directly from the admin page
  • Connect, and synchronize, a product with a forum category and solution category