How to use Woo Plugin

Woo Plugin is a directory of WooCommerce plugins. This site enables you to find the plugin you need. Basically, it’s niche search engine that provides results without the noise of the rest of the web.

Basic Search

Performing a basic search is straightforward! Just use the search bar on the homepage to find what you need. The results are provided instantly. The text snippets that match your search are highlighted in yellow in the search results.

Homepage search bar

Header Search

Alternatively you can use the search bar in the header, which is available on every page of this site. This search bar provides you with results in a dropdown box. The snippets matching your search are highlighted with a blue underline.

Header search with result dropdown.

Search Refinements

Please note that on the homepage search, by default, your searches are limited to ‘Plugins’. Both plugin Authors and distribution Platforms are excluded from your search, as you can see in the image to the right. Searches can be broadened to include Authors and Platforms by deselecting the Plugins option.

To further refine your Woo Plugin searches, you can use the Categories, Platforms and Authors widgets. For instance, you could refine your results to plugins created by Skyverge or plugins that are distributed by Be Rocket. You’re not required to actually enter a search phrase. Creating a selection in the widgets is enough to update the list of results. Note that every search and search refinement comes with a unique distributable URL.

Plugins are active by default in the Types widget.

Advanced Usage

There are a couple of options available to you to do specific searches. These advanced options are not available to you from the header searchbar, they can only be used on the homepage.

minus operator

You can use the minus operator to exclude keywords from your search. An example could be: any plugins related to WhatsApp, but nothing that mentions EV Code.

A search using the minus operator.

phrase search

Default searches using multiple keywords return results with any of the words your searching for. So, a search for the words terms and conditions returns results containing either the words terms, and or condition.

To return results that specifically contain the entered phrase, use quotes as shown in the image below.

A phrase search using quotes